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About us

Our long-term goal is: TO CHANGE THE WAY INDIA INVESTS

MIRA (Money Invested in Right Assets™) is a Technology First Investment Management platform that believes in providing every Indian the access to right investment suggestions.

The MIRA platform :

-invests only in Index Funds

-allocates, rebalances and actively monitors portfolios of all sizes

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Our Mission.

To become your trusted partner and monitor your financial landscape to bring you peace of mind.

Our Vision.

Our vision as an investment management firm focuses on helping people attain their financial aspirations, and understanding of every client’s unique objectives, mission, and values.

Meet our expert team.

What’s at the heart of MIRA culture?

Passion. Excellence. Experience. Genuine intent. Commitment.

The MIRA team is comprised of experts from the Technology and Wealth industry serving and propelling individuals at all income levels to invest and build wealth for their futures. We believe we are at our best when we are guiding our clients apropos of various disciplines - retirement, investments, and asset protection. For us, delivering a highly personal experience by extending our expertise remains the top-most priority. Together with our clients, we are building a community that achieves financial stability and well-being.

Girish Ippadi
Co-founder & CEO
Anand K. Rathi
Co-founder & Chief Business Officer
Naveen Shetty
Co-founder & Chief Investment Officer
Mohit Bagdi
Founding Member & Head of Investment Research

You Aspire. We Execute.

We are here to make your wealth the asset it was meant to be. Let’s get you started now..!

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